10 Crucial Lessons for Sports Parents

Sports psychology expert Rick Wolff breaks down ten different crucial rules for today’s coaches and parents.

Wolff, one of the nation’s leading experts on sports parenting and sports psychology, has put together a primer for anyone who has a son or daughter who plays competitive youth sports. If you are confused and baffled by what to expect in this ever-changing landscape of sports parenting, this short book will help quell some of your concerns.

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The Sports Parenting Edge

Chock full of real-life sports examples and common sense, The Sports Parenting Edge offers valuable insight into the unpredictable waters of youth sports. You’ll find positive recommendations for picking the right sports, gauging your child’s potential, balancing academics and athletics, developing a sense of sportsmanship, how to manage expectations, how to guide your child through inevitable frustrations, and even how to deal with your own frustrations as a parent.

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