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The Growing Dangers of HS Softball

I received an overwhelming number of calls this past

Sunday about HS softball players getting drilled by

line drive off composite and aluminum bats.  Moving

the pitching rubber back to 43 feet in the next year

or two IS NOT about protecting the pitcher; rather, it

is being done simply to prevent HS pitchers from

dominating. However, more and more states are

considering making acrylic face masks mandatory to

protect pitchers and fielders as balls come off the

composite bats as fast as 100 mph. Remember, 40 feet

is only abut 13 yards – kids just don’t have time to react/

If your daughter plays softball, would you insist

that she wears a face mask as well as shin guards

when pitching? It may become the law sooner than

you think.

The Latest Thoughts from Coach Wolff…

First off, I’m glad to be back online again! My sincere thanks to David Bell and Justin Sapp for getting me back on track!

As in the past, I’ll be posting my thoughts and comments each week, and as always, I look forward to hearing from all of you and your opinions on timely and topical sports parenting questions. Be sure to check in here when you can to see what the latest insights are….many thanks – Rick Wolff